Digital Book Readers – Reading on the Go Made Simple


If you are the type of person that can devour a novel in a day, then the library is probably one of your dear friends. If you have not yet heard, there is another companion out there just waiting for the reading enthusiast to join its forces: the digital book reader. This electronic device allows you to download and read material just as you would with printed text. Since the end result is the same, you may be asking yourself, “why not stick with borrowing from the library?” E-books can save paper, ink, space and money. In addition, as with a library, there are many free books to be found!

If everyone used a digital book reader instead of reading the books, magazines, and publications on paper, just think of all of the trees that would be saved. The amount of ink wasted annually would also be severely decreased. As far as space is concerned, think about your current collection of books. Now think about the multiple works you may have borrowed from a friend, family member or library. Imagine being able to have all of the information available on a device the size of a notepad, or in some cases, even smaller. Additionally, many of the texts available for these e-readers are priced lower than a hardcover novel. Thousands of e-books are also available as a free download.

The features available on a digital book reader really depend on the model in question. Some of the features you might look for include:

· Dual Screen
Dual screen models offer the ability to use the e-reader as if it were a traditional text.

· E-ink Screen
E-ink offers increased readability without the eyestrain that some people experience when viewing traditional text on an LCD.

· Expandable Memory Option
This allows the user to store more books in the future, should they use up the current amount of memory.

· Library Checkout
Yes, you read that correctly! Some models offer you the opportunity to check books out of the library and view them right on your screen at your convenience.

· Techie Extras
More and more models are now coming standard with webcams, microphones, and even integrated wireless connectivity.

A digital book reader was the next logical step in the staircase that is technology. With the e-readers being so affordably priced, there is no doubt that most households will own at least one in the near future. There is even talk of universities considering these as an alternative to the traditional textbook.

The digital book reader also makes a terrific gift for a child, spouse or good friend. If your child does not seem interested in reading, a gift of an e-reader is sure to open up his eyes! As a side note, if you are considering this purchase for your wife who loves to read while in the tub waterproof cases now make that an option. Additionally, some publishers are opting out of the digital-rights management (DRM) agreement; this means if you purchase one for yourself and a friend, you can legally share the e-books that you purchase, thereby cutting your media costs in half!


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